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For up to date information, see Asian Development Bank's, "Asian Development Outlook"


23 million

Per Capita Income

$300 ($200 in 2001)

  • Average teacher earns:  $360 per year

  • Average government worker earns: $780 per year

  • Daily pay range:  $1 to $3

GDP (Gross Domestic Product)

$6.9 Billion

National Production

53% Agriculture & Forestry
28% Mining & Light
8%  Trade
6% Construction
5% Transport, Services and Communications

Trade (1999 data)

Exports: $235 million
Products: Fruits, Nuts, Carpets, Wool, Sheepskin, Cotton
Destinations: Belgium, Germany, India, Pakistan, Russian Federation
Imports: $900 million
Products: Capital Goods, Food Items (Sugar, Oil), Textiles, Petroleum Products, Tires
Sources: India, Japan, Kenya, Korea, Pakistan, Turkmenistan

Total Debt

$5 Billion (72% of GDP) - most ruble-denominated to former Soviet Union; concessional terms.

$50 million - arrears to preferred creditors.

Public Expenditures (Early 1990's data)

13% of GDP

3% = Government revenue
10% = External assistance; primarily Pakistan and Saudi Arabia

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