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In August, 2015, a principal at a village school reached out to us to ask for help for his students. The students, motivated to learn, were sitting in 105-110 degree heat, on the ground, in tents studying. The principal mentioned that it was difficult for the students to focus and if any help could be provided for some shelters, that would be great.

We incrementally provided up to $3,000 of financing initially, then an additional $3,000, from our generous donors. These funds were initially used to kick-start the project shown in pictures below. An NGO - Non-Governmental Organization - from Norway became aware of a "motivated" village and they provided materials - cement, blocks, wood, etc. while the village people provided the labor, additional materials, if they could. These supplies came to an additional $10,000. The construction moved forward and afterwards, the funding that we provided, was used to add doors, windows, etc. Today we can see that with a bit of heart, belief, assistance and will, an entire community is benefiting.

The following pictures show how this project started and ended.

Original scenes - the bare school grounds

A so-called tent - can anyone learn this way?

Another view of a tent. Good thing for that cooler outside.

Young boys trying their best to study under a tent

Ground breaking with the elders and stakeholders.

It begins, first with a well. Need water for drinking, irrigation and the work.

With principal watching, work progresses...

Well completed...finally water

Laying out the bricks

Foundation starting to form

Local kids and community helping as best as they can.

Working in rain and cold

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