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Our Values

Equal Opportunity Statement

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Our guiding principles are a set of behaviors that define the culture of our organization and establish a framework for the actions and expectations of our staff and in our relationships.  These principles are guidelines of conduct that are fundamental truths which are proven to have enduring, permanent value.


We will negotiate from a position of principle based on our values; we place a high value on social consciousness.

We will not negotiate with anyone that lacks respect or uses threats, intimidation or corruption as bargaining tactics.


We will treat everyone with respect, courtesy and consideration.

We will maintain a "team spirit" by collaboratively solving problems, focusing on the needs of the customer, respecting differing opinions and focusing on issues versus people.

Self-control will be exercised in all of our interactions including conflict situations.


We will be fair and just with all.

We will evaluate issues with an open mind, based on the legitimacy of their facts and not based on perceived conclusions, attitudes and feelings, or prides or egos.

We will not tolerate any injustice.


We will assure that our actions contribute to the betterment of the customers we serve, the communities we participate in, and our organization and its staff.

Our Staff

Our organization's greatest asset is our staff and the knowledge they posses, without which, the organization could not function.

We will proactively stretch ourselves beyond daily functions to do more than what is minimally possible.

Educated risk taking and the willingness to try are encouraged and failure at a cause that is worthwhile will not be punished.


Decisions will be made in a prudent and timely manner with the informed consent of key stakeholders so that our initiatives are implemented rapidly and efficiently.

We do not make decisions based on a 100% consensus agreement but rather based on the following criteria:

The goal of our decision making is harmony with the group.  Harmony is considered to have been reached when each individual can honestly say:

  • I believe that all group members understand my point of view,

  • I believe that I understand all other points of view expressed by the group,

  • I will support - whether or not I prefer - the final decision, because it was arrived at in an open and fair manner.

Authority and decision making will be placed in appropriate parts of the organization and work units.

It is understood that front-line staff know their work better than rear echelon managers.

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